Falcon Flood Protection
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Falcon Flood Barriers

If you have suffered flooding or if you live in an area where flooding or tidal surge is a concern then a product like Falcon Flood Protection is a must. Our flood barriers offer security with the convenience of being easy to slot into place when the threat of flooding arises and equally easy to remove, even temporarily, when the threat of flooding subsides.

Click Here for instructions on how to measure for your Falcon Flood Barrier.

Please contact us to discuss other opening sizes, for example garage doors or larger spans. Large spans may need supporting pillars, which can be manufactured on request.

Flooding in Carlow
Floods in Carlow (Courtesy - David Lawlor)
Flacon Flood Barrier Key Features

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Model Price (inc VAT) Add to Cart
Model A (800mm) €406.10
Model B (850mm) €419.30
Model C (900mm) €432.10
Model D (950mm) €449.35
Model E (1000mm) €463.10
Model F (1600mm) €575.85
Model G (1650mm) €594.70
Model H (1700mm) €605.35
Model I (1750mm) €622.95
Model J (1800mm) €666.65
Ventilation Brick Barriers and Toilet Balloons also available on request.

* Remember, water will find its way into the property through any holes in the brickwork, under the sill of the door-step and even through a cat flap or secondary door.

Email: info@falconflood.com